About Anchors Aweigh Energy

Anchors Aweigh Energy LLC (AAE) is a disabled veteran owned small business with a focus on third party testing and verification services of work performed by licensed contractors as required by California Title 24 standards, energy efficiency incentive programs and energy efficiency financing programs. AAE owns and maintains all the necessary diagnostic test equipment, certifications and software necessary to conduct the business of third party field verification and diagnostic testing.

AAEs field verification and diagnostic testing represents the majority of our business. The staff at AAE has spent thousands of hours in the field performing verification on projects ranging from a 250 unit high rise residential rehabilitation project to performing duct testing on single family homes. The nature of verification work means the staff of AAE spends a majority of their time at customers’ homes and businesses. AAE has built a brand based on their positive attitude, professional appearance and unparalleled industry knowledge. The discipline, attention to detail, and pride of service gleaned from military experience has been carried through to the operations of AAE for the benefit of our customers.

AAE currently has two HERS raters who are certified through CalCERTS and maintain all the necessary certifications to perform any HERS verification for residential or non-residential new construction or alteration which can be used for compliance credit in California. Additionally AAE’s staff also maintains solar verification and special energy program verification certification for the New Solar Homes Program, Energy Star Homes, and Federal Tax Credits.

The staff of AAE contains experienced instructors with extensive class room and field training experience. AAE staff use this training experience along with our extensive code knowledge on a daily basis to educate both the contractors whose work we are inspecting and the home owner or customer who requires third party verification. AAE personnel are frequently relied on to interpret code and explain requirements in terms which are understood by individuals of any education level or trade.

AAE is known in the industry as a reliable partner able to work with all the different parties involved with construction projects to come up with pragmatic solutions which are reasonable and actionable.

Open: Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm , Saturday by appointment

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Bruce Cheney

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CalCerts, CHEERS, BPI, NCI, & EPA Certified

Mr. Cheney has over 19 years of experience in the fields of building science.  He grew up building homes with his father in New England, spent four years forward deployed on amphibious assault ships in the US Navy, worked as a retail stock broker during the Internet bubble, managed large scale income producing properties, subdivided existing properties during the real estate bubble, and managed multiple energy efficiency businesses, before combining all this experience into forming Anchors Aweigh Energy. He is a HERS and HERS II rater for the 2008 building code standards.  He is currently certified by BPI for BA, BE, MF as well as proctor and trainer.  He has a strong background in operations and project management.  From May 2007 to October 2009 Mr. Cheney implemented projects saving clients approximately 2.2 Mega Watt hours of electricity use resulting in annual energy cost savings to the customer of approximately $243,320 using $0.11 per kilo Watt hour (kWh). Most of these savings were delivered to customers with no out of pocket expense.  Mr. Cheney has trained hundreds of people in building science ranging from high school kids who had never been on a job site to senior building inspectors with multiple engineering degrees. Mr. Cheney's evaluations from students, program administrators and colleges have all been top notch.