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Heading out to bid a change out and don’t know if HERS verification is required? What is the expected cost? Keep reading, call now, or click one of the three links below to drill down to your question.

What Climate Zone is my job in?

What HERS testing is required?

What is the process?

MECH-20, RCV, Air Flow / Fan Watt Draw?@$* Want to know which HERS tests specifically will be required?

Conflict with what building inspector is requesting and what your documentation says?

Are you ready for the 2013 Title 24 requirements which say testing will be required everywhere, not just based on climate zone?

Call Anchors Aweigh Energy to get the answers you need to move your job forward. We can answer your questions and give you the peace of mind that when verification day comes you will be ready.

Our background is in the building and engineering fields. We have been the contractor on “that” job site between the investors, owners, banks, building inspectors and sub-contractors with everyone telling you something different and everyone requiring something which contradicts what someone else is asking for making it feel like no action you can take will move the project closer to completion. We get this phone call once a week. We get these projects moving and you get back to business. Our experience training contractors, building inspectors, utilities, and our competition puts us in a unique position of being able to quickly cut through the documentation confusion, helping you navigate the compliance maze from start to finish with our satellite view of the process.

Need help training your installers so every job will pass? Call Anchors Aweigh Energy to put your business on the green path to profitability. Stop call backs and reduce overhead by installing for compliance and performance from the first day on the project. Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out locations and dates of our upcoming training events.

If your project requires HERS verifications then you will need to create an installer account with one of the HERS providers. It is a simple process done online where you enter your CSLB and business information to create your account.The only HERS provider offering registration for alterations to existing homes is CalCERTS. I have pasted the link below to create an installer account.


Once your account is created you may transfer authority to a HERS rater to complete compliance documentation on your behalf on the registry. This is called transferring signature authority. To transfer signature authority to AAE simply log onto your account at www.calcerts.com and use our company number, 1896 if you would like us to complete your compliance documentation. It is important to note that once the 2013 code goes into effect, HERS raters will not be able to complete the contractors compliance documentation with the HERS provider anymore. This is going to create massive confusion and hold up on projects due to the learning curve of dealing the the HERS registry and the constantly changing interfaces on the HERS registry. It is imperative to start working with Anchors Aweigh Energy now to ensure these changes don't impact your cash flow.

The primary benefit of creating your account as an installer with one of the HERS providers is the simplification of the HERS process. By entering in the information about the job into the HERS providers registry, a list of compliance documentation required for final inspection will be generated. I have pasted in an example below:

This list of required forms which is on the CF-1R provides a common document to the building department and the contractor to eliminate confusion over which tests are required and what forms are due at final. Need help? AAE is happy to assist.

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