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It is important to understand what a HERS rater does and what the difference between what a HERS rater does and what a HERS provider is. A HERS rater performs the field verification and diagnostic testing as a third party of the system needing verification on the job site. A HERS provider is a non-governmental agency charged with providing the training of HERS raters, Quality Assurance of HERS raters,  and the registry to data base all of the testing and compliance documentation.  This content is the property of Bruce Cheney!!!!!

A list of HERS providers in California are listed below. This information must be verified by the reader with the California Energy Commission. As of the writing of this article there was only one approved HERS provider in the State of California accepting HERS documentation for HVAC alterations. There are different levels of HERS providers such as providing for alterations, new construction, existing homes, and non-residential. Not all HERS providers offer registration for all types of construction. Be sure to check with the provider before moving to far along in the project. It is also important to note that California has a different standard for HERS raters and whole house auditing. Most of the United States is covered by a HERS provider called RESNET of which AAE is a member. RESNET is not an approved HERS provider in California. If you have questions feel free to give us a call.    This content is the property of Bruce Cheney!!!!!                                                                                                    



California Energy Commission list of HERS providers


To create compliance documentation you will need an account with a HERS provider. The process to create an account is simple and no cost. If you have questions about how to create your account or where you should create your account, give us a call, we are ready to help. If you are having problems creating your account with a HERS provider, contact the HERS provider directly.


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