What Climate Zone am I in?

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Required testing for residential HVAC alterations is determined by the climate zone the home is located in. Type the address where the alteration was performed in the light gray box below, click the "Click here to find your CZ" button, and the map will recenter over the job address. Click on the colored overlay where the map is now pointing and your climate zone is displayed. If your address disappears just click on the "Click here to find your CZ" button again and your address and climate zone will display on the same map.







The below infomation is from the glossary section of the Title 24 energy efficiency standards:

"The Energy Commission established 16 climate zones that represent a geographic area for which an energy budget is established. These energy budgets are the basis for the standards...." "(An) energy budget is the maximum amount of energy that a building, or portion of a building...can be designed to consume per year."

"The Energy Commission originally developed weather data for each climate zone by using unmodified (but error-screened) data for a representative city and weather year (representative months from various years). The Energy Commission analyzed weather data from weather stations selected for (1) reliability of data, (2) currency of data, (3) proximity to population centers, and (4) non-duplication of stations within a climate zone.

"Using this information, they created representative temperature data for each zone. The remainder of the weather data for each zone is still that of the representative city. The representative city for each climate zone (CZ) is:

CZ 1: Arcata
CZ 2: Santa Rosa
CZ 3: Oakland
CZ 4: Sunnyvale
CZ 5: Santa Maria
CZ 6: Los Angeles
CZ 7: San Diego
CZ 8: El Toro
CZ 9: Pasadena
CZ10: Riverside
CZ11: Red Bluff
CZ12: Sacramento
CZ13: Fresno
CZ14: China Lake
CZ15: El Centro
CZ16: Mount Shasta


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