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Link to 2013 Residential HVAC Change Out Trigger Sheet



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When is diagnostic testing required?

What must be HERS verified?



When a mechanical system such as a furnace or air conditioning system is replaced, Title 24 Part 6 requires verification testing to ensure the system is in compliance with minimum performance standards. If and what HERS tests are required are currently based on the Climate zone your project is located in. California is divided up into 16 different climate zones based on the yearly weather conditions. AAE always recommends you enter your job information into one of the HERS providers HERS registry to determine the list of required forms once you have been awarded a job. To understand what testing is required without having to create compliance documentation, use the tools below. To start, find your climate zone use the Google maps tool below. 





The 2013 Title 24 Part 6 code is in effect as of July 1, 2014. The link below this paragraph will take you to the Energy Code Ace web site with the most current version of the 2013 Residential HVAC alterations HERS trigger sheet.  Duct testing is now a mandatory measure in all climate zones for ducted air conditioning systems. Refrigerant charge verification is required on some systems such as package units which did not require verification under the 2008 code. All air flow verifications must be performed with an approved air flow measurement instrument. Temperature split as a method of air flow verification is no longer allowed.   If smoke is now pouring out of your ears, just call AAE and we will walk you through it. 858-254-1189


Link to 2013 Residential HVAC Change Out Trigger Sheet




If you are in a climate zone where testing is required then you must have at minimum duct testing or refrigerant charge. In the more extreme climate zones duct testing and refrigerant charge is required. You may also be required to have air flow and fan watt draw verification if you replace more than 75% of your duct work. 


Another option to determine if and what tests are required is to register the certificate of compliance (CF1R-HVAC-ALT) for your project with CalCERTS or other approved HERS provider. Once you are sure you are getting the job and will need to pull a permit with the local jurisdiction you will need to register the CF-1R with a HERS provider for your project. When the CF1R is generated in the database, it automatically fills in which tests are required based on the work described on the CF1R.To assign Anchors Aweigh Energy as your HERS rater add us to your assigned rater list with our company number 1896.



To read more about what each of the above HERS verifications click on Duct Testing, Refrigerant Measurement, or Air Flow / Fan Watt Draw.


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