HERS verification: Duct Testing, Refrigerant Charge Verification, Air Flow, Fan Watt Draw, Quality Insulation Installation (QII), whole building ventilation, return grill and duct sizing verification, and more. Call now with any questions!

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide is produced due to incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. If your water heater or furnace use natural gas for fuel and the appliance is not installed to manufactures specifications then the appliance will use more fuel than necessary and may be producing carbon monoxide. AAE can conduct combustion appliance safety testing on your home to ensure your natural gas burning appliances are venting properly and not poisoning you or your family.

Title 24 calculations: AAE is your one stop for accurate Title 24 performance calculations and compliance documentation. Having accurate Title 24 documents match your plan set through plan check and the construction phase can save thousands in change orders and project delays. Many times the uneducated Title 24 consultant will go out of their way to add expensive equipment to a project to avoid having a HERS rater verify the installation. This is expensive and often counter productive advise which we have seen backfire many times. Don't fall into this trap before you get a second opinion. Give us a call today.

Energy Auditor Training: AAE is a nationally recognized Building Performance Auditing training company. We have worked at all levels of education from teaching high school students how to measure energy use and calculate its cost to building inspectors with advance engineering credentials. We also work with the municipalities and utilities to help the inspectors in the field not just understand how to enforce code, but the why behind it.

Title 24 for BI and PE: AAE works with the State Wide Codes and Standards Team (SWCST) to deliver training to Building Inspectors and Plans Examiners for Residential and Non-Residential Title 24 Code Compliance. To find out our upcoming training dates send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whole house audits: AAE offers whole house audits and Home Energy Rating System ratings based on California Title 24 as the baseline. We are certified through CalCERTS as Whole House Raters for the State of California, are members of RESNET to provide ratings nationally, and we are BPI Certified Professionals among other credentials.

HVAC system performance evaluation: AAE has the tools and equipment to give you an accurate diagnosis of how your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is operating. If you prefer a third party evaluate your system and come up with a scope of work for contractors to bid on then please give us a call today. We can give you the information you need to get an honest and accurate bid from the contractors coming to ask for your business.

Multi-Family property Evaluation: The founder of AAE has years of multi family property investment experience in Southern California. We perform property evaluations to aid in acquisition decisions, investment grade audits, utility incentive programs and optimization of operations and maintenance.

Expert Witness: AAE has provided services as expert witness in cases of code compliance and health and safety issues. If you have a concern with regards to how an installation was performed in your home and what health and safety issues could now exist, don't hesitate to give us a call. AAE has assisted many homeowners in advocating their rights when they have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. If you have had work done on your home and you don't feel like you received what you paid for, its time to give AAE a call and start fighting back. It has taken years for the principles of AAE to learn Contractors License law and code compliance in the State of California. Don't go it alone when you have 16 inch guns ready off shore to provide the support you need when you are stuck.

Subject Matter Expert: The principles at AAE are relied on by decision makers from the California Energy Commission on down to the local community colleges as subject matter experts on Title 24 matters and building science. Rely on AAE as your SME whether you are assembling a training program or need help enforcing the codes in your jurisdiction. We are hear to help.



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