What are the different HERS tests?

The term HERS is mentioned often when contractors and inspectors are speaking about mechanical systems. A better term for what a HERS rater does after a contractor installs a system is field verification and diagnostic testing, but HERS rolls off the tongue much easier so we are going to keep calling the field verification and diagnostic tester a HERS rater.


HERS actually stands for Home Energy Rating System. The HERS system is a standardized format for collecting information about a homes features to assign a score to the home comparing it to the current minimum construction standards. The HERS rater is not going to score the heating and air conditioning system in your home, they are going to take some measurements using diagnostic test equipment in accordance with set procedure defined by Title 24 regulations to see if the system your contractor installed meets the minimum requirements set out by the state. Duct leakage testing is only one of the tests a HERS rater may perform on your system. The next few pages are going to explain each of the HERS tests which may be performed on your system. Click on the test below you would like to learn more about. Have a question? Give us a call at 858-254-1189.

Duct Testing

Refrigerant Charge Verification

Cooling Coil Air Flow

Fan Watt Draw

Document Registration

Rough Testing, Other...




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