Document Registration

Anchors Aweigh Energy LLC


Document Registration

Beginning October 1st, 2010, all jobs requiring HERS verifications must be registered with a HERS provider. Since October 2010 the only approved HERS provider to register compliance documents with has been CalCERTS.

Creating an account on CalCERTS as an installing contractor is easy. Navigating the web site and filling out all of your forms properly for inspection day is not. Many contractors still do not own the diagnostic test equipment to commission their systems and complete the installation certificates for compliance documentation. This is why simultaneous testing is allowed for HERS raters. What it essentially means is the HERS rater is going to either enter their test results on the installing contractors installation certificates and on the HERS compliance documentation simultaneously. It is important to know that once the 2013 Title 24 goes into effect that the HERS rater will no longer be able to create compliance documentation for contractors or enter information into the HERS registry for them.

If Anchors Aweigh Energy is going to complete your compliance documentation then you will need to grant us signature authority in your CalCERTS account once you have created it. Or you will need to sign in to CalCERTS and certify every document we fill out for you. Our company number in CalCERTS is 1896 for assigning signature authority.

If Anchors Aweigh Energy is performing simultaneous testing and completing all compliance documentation the we charge a document preparation fee. If we are only verify the installation certificates then we only charge the actual registration fee with CalCERTS. Document registration questions? Call AAE 858-254-1189 or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Copyrighted to Bruce Cheney 2013